About us

Elephant Shelf is about songs, rhythms and entertainment. Their original
songs embodying all that is best in Rhythm & Blues, Swing, Blues, Country,
the great American songbook, and much else. Rhythms?, “Yes” says Vicky, “we
like to draw on classic styles and rhythms. We sometimes get Terry to play us
a jazz rhythm or a funk rhythm and then we’ll improvise over it to see what
comes out. They have says Vicky, ‘Hours of recorded tracks and outlines for
new songs, all ready for future use’.

The band is blessed with fascinating individual musicians giving a vivid
coloration to the music – Diana Stone, pianist and violinist with her
flair filled & eclectic mix of Gypsy, jazz , and classical influences; Terry
McInerny with true swing on drums. Robbie Charles with electric swing bass
and now string bass; Rosie Swan with a voice that almost catches
fire; and Vicky Martin who writes much of the material and pulls it together
with imaginative arrangements.

The band cites multiple influences, Keith Richards and the Stones, Bob
Dylan, Martin Simpson, Miles Davis, Richard Thompson, Arthur Askey- all of
whom say the band, “Have stayed true to real music”. The band also love of
Vaudeville and Old -Time Music-Hall saying “We really respect all those who
trod the boards for so many years”.

This comes together in a live act that was described by Barry Goldberg of the
Electric flag and Bob Dylan sideman as ‘Really rocking’.

As Vicky describes it “We draw on the classic well loved sounds from the 60’s
70’s and beyond, add our own touches to make it our own music. We never
consciously copy anyone else’s arrangements. We deliberately do it
different”. “…and we add a large dash of good humour and a love of
entertaining. That is us; Elephant Shelf.”

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