Diana Stone’s highly individual violin, and piano voicings add much
of the colour and originality to the band’s arrangements. Her style
has elements of ‘Prog rock’ and Gypsy jazz and is also influenced
by such as the legendary Bob Wills and the classical writing of
Vaughan Williams.

Diana was one of the pioneers of recorded music on the Internet
and she achieved hit recordings in places as far flung as Argentina
and Paraguay. “I was even played on radio in the old Soviet
Union”, she recalls. These recordings were with her own musical
outlet Glass Cage, noted for it's esoteric and highly imaginative
music. Her recent recordings have been played to popular acclaim
on BBC Radio 6.

Diana was a part of the sound team at the famous Hammersmith
Odeon. She met several distinguished names including Elton John,
Johnny Winter, Hawkwind and bluegrass legend Bill Munroe. She
recalls Hawkwind seeming to be well and truly stoned and Johnny
Winter’s very broad Texas drawl. Of Elton John she recalls “He
heard me play violin and keyboard, and said that I played really
well”, he said ‘When the time is right then find yourself a band
and let people hear you’. Soon after this Diana had a long struggle
against severe illness before getting her life back on track.

Her family tree shows that way back her antecedents were music
hall and vaudeville entertainers. “That fits Elephant Shelf”, she
says, “There is a definite touch of vaudeville about the band”.
With well over 500 gigs to her name her musical style is constantly
developing, It compliments the band’s mix of rootsy but original
music. As a fan recently said,“It sounds rooted in New Orleans, but
you could also be in a South London street market as well”.

As well as playing Diana has also contributed her considerable
skills to producing the band’s popular debut album to which she
has also contributed some songs. She now looks forward to going
onward and upward as the Shelf moves on.