Vicky founded Elephant Shelf around five and a half years (and 550 gigs) ago.
"I'd been out of the music scene for a very long time and decided it was time
to be heard again,” she recalls. She explains the band’s longevity, "Originally
I didn't expect the band to last so long, but I was lucky to get some really
good musicians who played and stayed.” Along the way she met Diana Stone
"My soulmate", she says, and she has been a great strength in establishing the

The band has had some great times but recently decided they needed an
album to promote the band. So the album ‘In Trouble Again’ was recorded
and recently released. It has been received very well.

The band is now playing better than ever ‘We’re writing new tunes all the
time and experimenting with different rhythms. I like to set a classic musical
form over one of Terry McInerny’s new rhythms’. ’The result is always very
stimulating, we like to stretch the grooves around, the music seems very
much alive when we play, it can go anywhere and often goes to some very
interesting places’. ‘I have to say that I reckon its ensemble playing at its
best’, says Vicky.

Vicky looks back on a life with more than it's share of difficulties, family
break-up, major gender issues, and "...lots of other stuff...". She has also had
some very interesting life experiences; “I ministered in the church, and was
an assistant exorcist for a while”. The exorcism thing was a very minor part
of the job she tells us, “But it tought me that there is power in the name of
Jesus”. Vicky also worked in the gaming industry, and as Stadium Tour Guide
for Spurs”. She met lots of interesting people along the way including a
memorable meeting with Jimi Hendrix no less; Eric Clapton; Brian Jones, and
others. ”I also met a couple of murderers and bank-robbers but ,generally I
don't really spend time looking back, I like to look forward". "This band has
tremendous creative energy and I love writing and playing live, so I can only
think of looking forward".