Rosie has been singing for a longtime,”Way back, the kids at school had
guitars and I wanted to sing”. The first music she sang was classic
rhythm and blues. Listen to her sing, close your eyes, you imagine a
twenty stone Memphis Mama, open your eyes and there is a tiny eight
stone bopping curly haired blonde with a voice to literally blow you
away, and make you laugh, make you cry.

Rosie has a dual role in the band singing backing and lead vocals. She
enjoys the backing role wthat allows her to weave in and out so that her
voice becomes one of the instruments. This is especially notable on the
live version of Undubwise. She is also developing great on-stage
interplay with Vicky Martin that is very funny at times and also very
exciting musically.

Rosie’s greatest influence is Dusty Springfield whom she describes as,
“An incomparable vocalist” and is also influenced by Aretha Franklin,
Prince, and a host of other great singers. Asked what she truly loves she says
“Singing and songs, I just love pop music, all of it”. But it is the blues
and rock ‘n’ roll that seems to colour Rosie’s vocals; as Vicky Martin says
“She is one great little rock and roll singer, better than most around”.
Rosie has a considerable talent as a songwriter with prizes in various
prestigious competitions and the band is looking to bring in some of
Rosie’s new songs.

TV sessions include BBC1, ITV & London Weekend TV.
Radio Sessions: London Live, CMR (Country Music Radio), Liberty Radio,
Jazz Fm
Brit Awards / Earls Court Stadium (London), Smash Hits Poll Winners’
Party/Xcel Arena (London)